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Hendrix Town & Country, Inc.

11486 West Rte. 115 • P.O. Box 505
Herscher, IL 60941

Owners/Managers Merle Hendrix, President
Marsha White, Vice President
Margo Branz, Secretary/Treasurer.
Phone (815) 426-2111
Hours 8AM-4PM, Monday through Friday
8AM-noon on Saturdays (extended seasonal hours)

Founded by Clair & Marwood Hendrix in early 1940 s, originally known as Hendrix Hatchery.

Goods/Services: Design, sales & service of grain handling, drying and storage systems. including Brock Grain Bins, Farm Fans Grain Dryers, Feterl Grain Augers, Hutchinson Grain Augers, DMC Grain Stirators.